Q: Toph fan anon again here, I stopped watching lok again because of Korra and her romances which I found so annoying, I liked mako and asami together. But I feel like the writers feel as if Korra's romances are put more effort into rather then the whole avatar thing

well…. i am just going to link you this wonderful video and I think you might enjoy it a LOT (as a sidenote, if this doesn’t make you want asami and korra together, as friends, or as a couple - it doesn’t really matter - I don’t know what will) 

I really, REALLY think you should give book 3 another chance though, there’s no romance (that involves korra, that is) in sight  and i’d definitely say she’s focusing on her avatar thing, and she’s TRYING so hard to do the right thing whAT MORE CAN ONE ASK


You rise with the moon. I rise with the sun.

I know you two have a connection.


…don’t worry, it gets better.

kataang week / day two, comfort

Q: Hi so I stopped watching Korra for a bit, but by the looks of ur blog it's looks great so I'm going to watch it again. Is the 3rd season where she learns metal bending? And who is Kainora? Is it kai a new character and jenorra? So excited since I was a hugeeeeee toph fan


kainora is kai (who’s a new character, yes, I can’t tell you much more because of spoilers) + jinora and they’re the cutest thing since EVER, they’re sort giving off kataang~ vibes and it’s incredible 

she does learn how metal bend, and she’s the first avatar to do so!! 

I really hope you go back and watch it because I REALLY think it’s worth it and I’m loving book 3 a lot this far :’) 


im cute

truly glorious


YES! I would love to see these things swishing around in person. Hopefully they’ll be at SDCC.


Can everyone understand why he’s my favorite character now?